Association leaders have the ability to create and promote an environment where athlete experience, development, and success are optimized.  By acquiring the support and commitment of coaches, athletes, and parents, a mindset will be developed that will give your athletes the greatest sport experience, the highest potential for development, and the best chance of success.

MindRite Training can help your Association deliver the optimal environment for your athletes through coach, athlete, and parent education.

Coach Education

MindRite will educate your coaches on the optimal sport mindset and the importance of creating this mindset within their teams. Teaching athletes the right mindset has been proven through research, and through experience, to consistently create a great experience, and ongoing development for athletes.

Athletes that develop the proper mindset will show the following:

  • A passion for their sport.  More passion leads to greater enjoyment. Greater enjoyment leads to the desire to work hard. The desire to hard work leads to optimal development and success.


  • Supreme confidence in their abilities.  An athlete that is driven by personal development and growth will always compete with confidence.  They realize that their development and success are based on controllable factors like great effort and focusing on the process.  An athlete that carries the right mindset, and competes with confidence, will have the greatest chance of ongoing development and success.

  • A present minded focus.  Athletes with the proper mindset are able to put aside potential distractions, allowing them to compete to the best of their abilities.

  • The ability to overcome failure.  At some point every athlete faces failure. How they respond to failure can be a key to ongoing development and success.

  • Play with a team first attitude.  Athletes that possess the right mindset         understand that placing the team first will allow for the best chance of personal and team development, and in turn the best chance of overall success.

MindRite will give your coaches tools that will allow them to incorporate the optimal mindset into their practice and game routines.  Just knowing the proper mindset is not enough for coaches and their athletes.  Coaches must have tools that allow their athletes the opportunity to practice optimal sport mindset principles.  Creating the proper mindset is no different than other skills that an athlete is working to acquire- in order to improve, the skill must be properly practiced.  Your coaches will have the tools and the training to continuously develop the proper mindset for their athletes.

Athlete Education

MindRite will teach your athletes the concepts related to the best mindset for their optimal experience, development, and success.  Athletes must first understand why and how these concepts will help them.  MindRite will then give your athletes tools and techniques that will allow them to continuously practice the skills needed to develop the best mindset.  Through practice athletes will come to develop a mindset that will allow them to have the greatest experience, optimal development, and ongoing success in their sport.

Parent Education

MindRite will educate the parents of your athletes on the details and the value of the optimal sport mindset.  MindRite will also convey to the parents the importance of having their support in creating an environment where the optimal mindset is allowed to flourish. Having the support of parents is instrumental in creating a great experience and optimal development for athletes.