Coaches play an important role in the development of a mindset that will allow for optimal athlete experience, development, and success.
Coaches that own and teach the proper mindset will have athletes that:
  • Play with passion.  More passion leads to greater enjoyment. Greater enjoyment leads to the desire to work hard. The desire to work hard leads to optimal experience, development, and success.

  • Have supreme confidence in their abilities.  An athlete that is driven by personal development and growth will always compete with confidence.  They realize that their development and success is based on controllable factors like great effort and focusing on the process.  An athlete that carries the right mindset, and competes with confidence, will have the greatest chance of ongoing development and success.

  •  Have a present-minded focus.  Athletes with the proper mindset are able to put  aside potential distractions, allowing them to compete to the best of their abilities.

  • Possess the ability to overcome failure.  At some point every athlete faces failure. How the athlete responds to failure can be a key to ongoing development and success.

  • Play with a team first attitude.  Athletes that possess the right mindset         understand that placing the team first will allow for the best chance of personal and team development, and in turn the best chance of overall success.

MindRite's work with coaches to create the optimal sport mindset includes coach education, coach training, and athlete education.

Coach Education

 MindRite will give a detailed presentation to coaching staffs to educate coaches on the concepts behind the optimal sport mindset.   

Coaches must have a great understanding and appreciation of the proper mindset if they are to create an environment where the optimal sport mindset is allowed to flourish.

Simply understanding the right mindset is not enough for coaches. Coaches must have practice and game concepts and tools that will allow their athletes to continue to practice and develop the right mindset. 

Coach Training

MindRite will train coaches on how they can best deliver the optimal sport mindset concepts to their athletes.

Athlete Education

 MindRite will give a detailed presentation to athletes to educate them on the optimal sport mindset.   

The presentation will detail how and why the optimal mindset will benefit their personal development and success, as well as the teams overall development and success.