Mindset Training For Sport

MindRite Mission

To create an environment where every athlete's development

is driven by a passion for their sport.







An athlete can learn, practice, and invariably own a mindset that will give them the best chance for optimal experience, development, and success.  The optimal mindset is a game changer for an athletes on-going personal and athletic development.  



Coaches can create a culture that is geared toward optimal athlete experience, development, and success.  Coaches must understand, and implement, specific tools and techniques that will create an environment that fosters the optimal mindset.



Understanding how to best support their athlete can often feel overwhelming for parents.  With the proper guidance, parents can feel more comfortable during the process, and help create an environment that fosters the optimal mindset for their athlete. 

Association leaders have the ability to create and promote an environment within their program that will give each athlete the greatest sport experience, the highest potential for development, and the best chance of success.