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Teams can develop a culture and a mindset that will allow for optimal athlete experience, development, and success.
Teams that own the proper mindset will:
  • Play with passion.  More passion leads to greater enjoyment. Greater enjoyment leads to the desire to work hard. The desire to work hard leads to optimal experience, development, and success.

  • Have supreme confidence in their abilities.  An athlete that is driven by personal development and growth will always compete with confidence.  They realize that their development and success is based on controllable factors like great effort and focusing on the process.  An athlete that carries the right mindset, and competes with confidence, will have the greatest chance of ongoing development and success.

  •  Have a present-minded focus.  Athletes with the proper mindset are able to put  aside potential distractions, allowing them to compete to the best of their abilities.

  • Possess the ability to overcome failure.  At some point every athlete faces failure. How the athlete responds to failure can be a key to ongoing development and success.

  • Play with a team first attitude.  Athletes that possess the right mindset   understand that placing the team first will allow for the best chance of personal and team development, and in turn the best chance of overall success.

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