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"When I started working with Travis at MindRite I was lost in my love for baseball.  I couldn’t understand how to love a game that felt like no matter how much I tried I got nothing out of.  Travis taught me how to focus on things I could control and to set goals to guide my mind from seeking external results to internal markers.  Using this, I found my love for the game again and became a much better baseball player because of it.  I can’t recommend MindRite enough and think everyone, in every sport, should look at the mental side to enhance their game."
Ben Weber- Roseville 2022, Air Force Academy Commit

"Travis has helped me learn so much about the mental game of baseball.  One of the main things that has really stuck with me is the “circle of control.”  The Circle of control is an imaginary circle in front of you whether you’re out on the field playing defense, or stepping into the box.  Once you step into the circle of control, your full attention is on the pitch and the play.  I still use it today at the University of Minnesota, as it is something that not only relaxes me because I’ve been doing it for so long, but has great use.  Travis has taught me so many things on the mental side of the game that I can’t even name all them.  Another thing that he started on our travel ball team when I played for him was journaling.  I not only Journal for Baseball now, I Journal for life as well.  Journaling is a great way to get your thoughts out and recap how your day went and how you felt.  It’s also a good thing to look back at if you’re struggling.  I’ve learned so many things from Travis that can be tied with baseball and life.  Both are about failure and how you’re able to come back from it.  Both are about focus an effort.  And both are about family, and team.  That’s what I’ve learned from Travis Rogers."
Brett Bateman- University of Minnesota

"Travis has been a tremendous asset to the Mounds View High School Baseball Program.  He has been instrumental in developing, implementing, and leading our program for communicating and practicing the mental part of the game of baseball: including team and individual season goal setting, daily goal setting, and the mental preparation for being ready for each pitch.  The mental part of the game of baseball is extremely important, and can be a differentiator.  I value his leadership in keeping these important matters a priority for me and our four teams during a hectic high school baseball season."

Mark Downey- Head Baseball Coach, Mounds View High School

"Over the years my wife and I have been very blessed to have had Travis coach our son.  We can not thank Travis enough for teaching him what it really means to be mentally strong, play with passion, and be in the present moment. The enjoyment he has had playing for Travis has led to his success on and off the field.  I know that my son is a better person, player, and student because of Travis, his approach to the mental game, and the lessons he has taught along the way."
Keith Bateman- Head Baseball Coach, Augsburg College 

"We've been working with Travis Rogers for the past four years and I can't think of a single person who has impacted or changed our Academy more than Coach Rogers.  Travis has an innate ability to teach an abstract concept like mental conditioning in terms that even the youngest of athletes can learn and benefit from.  His 5-week seminar has given our athletes the knowledge they need to understand the mental side of baseball through journaling, physical routine building, and mental visualization. Travis is a difference maker in the game of baseball and is teaching the mental game like nobody in the state of Minnesota."

Brian Bambenek- Owner, Great Lakes Baseball Academy

"I have been fortunate to be around some incredible coaches (Gary Gilmore- 2016 NCAA Division 1 coach of the year) in my playing career.  Travis is as good as it gets when it comes to getting players to play at their maximum potential. Travis has a fantastic rapport with athletes allowing them to integrate a stronger mental game almost instantly.  Travis has taught me so many valuable lessons as a coach that I have implemented into my own coaching style.  I would recommend Travis as a trainer or mentor for players and coaches at any level!"

Chad Felty- Coastal Carolina, 2002

"Coach Rogers has helped me in many different ways.  He has taught me the game of baseball more than anyone.  Whether that be pitch to pitch mental focus, or the physical side of baseball.  The mind set of process over outcome has changed the way I approach the game and the way I look at success and failure.  The mind shift that Coach Rogers has helped provide me with has not only made me a better player, but has also made the game much more fun."
Blake Guerin- Mounds View 2022, University of Iowa Commit

"My 6th grade basketball team in Roseville worked with Travis as part of our preseason workouts before the 2017-18 season.  With his help, our team took a giant leap forward from our previous years results.  Working with MindRite turned our kids fears about results into focusing on the things that would help all of us be better teammates and players.  Once we learned how to bring energy, be positive teammates, and move on from mistakes, our results on the court took care of themselves.  Travis helped change our group from a pretty good team to a team that was not easy for anyone to deal with."

Steve Weber- Roseville Basketball 12U Head Coach

"Achieving success in basketball takes more than dedication and practice.  It requires teamwork and the right mindset.  Travis Rogers and MindRite Training have proved invaluable partners to Mounds View Basketball Association. Travis trains our parents, coaches, and athletes to approach the game with the right mental attitude and has made our organization better as a result. The kids I coach, including my son, were taught mental toughness, learned how to be  better teammates, and received lessons in leadership.  I learned to be better as the parent of an athlete, as the coach of a traveling basketball team, and as a board member of MVBA. Travis is a huge asset to our community."

Rob Roe- President, Mounds View Basketball Association

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