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Q- Are FaceTime, Zoom, Or phone call sessions an option?

A- Absolutely.  

Q- Do you work with athletes from all sports?

A- Absolutely.

Q- How long is a typical session?

A- 1 hour.

Q- How many sessions does an athlete typically require?

A- This certainly varies from athlete to athlete, but as a general rule 3-5 sessions early on with on-going sessions as needed.

Q- What is typically covered in a session?

A- This varies, but a typical session may include- goal setting (process and outcome), personal and athletic character traits geared toward goals, discussion and implementation of "growth mindset" characteristics, tools to increase confidence, tools for responding to adversity, and/or tools to eliminate distractions.

Q- What is the cost per session?

A- 1-on-1 with athletes $90.00.

A- Team and Large Group Presentation pricing varies.

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