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"Give great effort!"

"Great effort" is what we seek from our athletes.

We understand the importance of consistent great effort- it gives our athletes the best chance of personal and team development.

So the question is- how do we consistently get great effort from our athletes?

I believe there are two main factors that will drive an athlete toward consistent great effort-

1. Understanding their WHY. WHY do they play? What are their goals in sport? If they don't have a clear understanding of what they are trying to accomplish, and are passionate about their dreams and goals, then what can possibly motivate them on a daily basis? This is no different for you and I. If we are not passionate about an endeavor we will not consistently bring our best effort.

2. We must get out of their way and let them play. Pretty self explanatory I think. We must stop harping on them about every little thing. Again, this is no different for you and I. We do not enjoy the process if someone is constantly telling us what we are doing wrong.

We must understand that great effort is invariably up to the athlete. Yes, we should talk to them about the importance of great effort. They should know that in order to achieve great things that they must push themselves on a regular basis. Once they have this understanding we should get out of their way. Great effort will show up if they are passionate about their sport.


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