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Mindset Training? Part 2- How Can Mindset Training Benefit Coaches.

In Part 1 of this 3 part blog series I discussed what Mindset Training is and how Mindset Training can benefit an athlete. Today, in Part 2, I will discuss how Mindset Training can benefit coaches. In Part 3 I will discuss how parents can benefit from Mindset Training. Here we go...

Part 2

How Can Mindset Training Benefit Coaches?

Coaches play a huge role in creating an environment that will allow for optimal athlete experience, development, and success. A coach must understand, practice, and own a Mindset that will be the foundation for creating an environment in which young athletes can thrive. A coach must not only have an understanding of the optimal Mindset and "buy in" to the principles of the optimal Mindset, they must also have the tools that will allow them to encourage, teach, and develop the optimal Mindset within their teams.

A question that coaches often ask is- what traits will athletes possess if I create the optimal Mindset environment?

Coaches that own and teach the proper Mindset will have athletes that:

Play with passion. More passion leads to greater enjoyment. Greater enjoyment leads to the desire to work hard. The desire to work hard leads to optimal experience, development, and success. Do you want athletes that play with passion?

Have supreme confidence in their abilities. An athlete that is driven by personal development and growth will always compete with confidence. They realize that their development and success are based on controllable factors like great effort and focusing on the process. An athlete that carries the right Mindset, and competes with confidence, will have the greatest chance of ongoing development and success.​ Do you want athletes that have supreme confidence in their abilities?

Have a present minded focus. Athletes with the proper Mindset are able to put aside potential distractions, focusing entirely on the task at hand. This ability continuously allows an athlete to compete to the best of their abilities. Do you want athletes that have a present minded focus?​

Possess the ability to overcome failure. At some point every athlete faces failure. How the athlete responds to failure can be a key to ongoing development and success. Do you want athletes​​ that are able to overcome failure?

Play with a team first attitude. Athletes that possess the optimal Mindset understand that placing the team first will allow for the best chance of personal and team development, and in turn the best chance of overall success. Do you want athletes that put team first?

A second question that coaches often ask is- what are the main principles behind the optimal Mindset?

Foundational principles of the optimal Mindset:

Athletic ability can grow and develop.

Effort and Attitude determine ability.

Focus is on the process, not the outcome.

Failure is an integral and necessary part of learning and growth.

Feedback is welcome and a part of learning and growth.

These foundational principles help guide the development of an athlete that competes with the optimal Mindset. Imagine for a minute an athlete that goes about his or her business owning these principles. An athlete that owns a Mindset driven by these principles will surely play with passion, have supreme confidence in their abilities, have a present minded focus, possess the ability to overcome failure, and play with a team first attitude.

Coaches can learn, practice, own, and teach a Mindset that will give their athletes the best chance for optimal experience, development, and success!

Please contact me with any questions regarding the optimal Mindset.


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